best way to combat porn email

Raymond Norton admin at
Mon Apr 20 15:01:01 IST 2009

Randal, Phil wrote:
> All these emails contain links to websites hosted on <random
> name>.<letter>, so a high-scoring spamassassin uri rule can
> easily catch these.
> uri      MY_INTERIA     /^http:\/\/.{1,30}\.interia\.pl/i
> describe MY_INTERIA     Suspicious links
> score	   MY_INTERIA	5
> They also all claim to be sent via Thunderbird ("User-Agent: Thunderbird
> (Windows/20090302)"), so you could create a meta rule cobining
> both those factors.

I will give that a try. I have never written a custom rule. Is 
the best place for it, or is a different location recommended.

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