Found nn messages in the processing-messages database

Julian Field MailScanner at
Fri Apr 17 14:00:16 IST 2009

On 17/04/2009 13:38, Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> Julian Field wrote on Fri, 17 Apr 2009 09:36:28 +0100:
>> If you do "MailScanner --processing 0" you should get some output.
> Indeed.
> Currently being processed:
> Number of messages: 1
> Tries   Message Next Try At
> =====   ======= ===========
> 1       B48BFF9477.51697        Mon Mar 30 04:17:14 2009
> Mar 30 04:11:53 d01 MailScanner[879]: Saved archive copies of
> B48BFF9477.51697
> Mar 30 04:12:01 d01 MailScanner[9923]: Saved archive copies of
> B48BFF9477.D962D 4D299F9478.973F1
Are there any other mentions of the first one of these? The second one 
is a different message (note the different random tag number on the end).
> Mar 30 04:12:02 d01 MailScanner[9923]: Logging message B48BFF9477.D962D to
> Mar 30 04:12:02 d01 MailScanner[9925]: B48BFF9477.D962D: Logged to
> MailWatch SQL
> The message was spam to one of my spam traps, was processed normally,
> entered in the mailwatch database and flagged as spam. No high load at
> that time.
The first message or the second one? It does seem slightly odd that the 
same inode number turned up twice in such quick succession. Are you sure 
these two messages are actually different messages, or are they the same 
one, and the first processing of it was abandoned for some reason?

It just occurred to me that the processing database won't work well with 
Postfix at all.
Postfix re-uses the message id numbers too fast for them to be 
considered good ids, which is why I have to add a random number to the end.
But I add a new random number to the end every time I pick up the 
message, so every time it sees the same message it will create different 
message ids for it.
So the processing database idea breaks down :-(
Poo :-(

Any thoughts?
> Kai


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