Does MS support Kaspersky version 5.x ?

Gerard Cleary gcle at
Thu Apr 16 00:32:53 IST 2009

On Thu, 16 Apr 2009 00:22:09 keith wrote:
> First to said sorry for my bad english, I have a license for Kaspersky 5.7
> rpm version, I can successfully to install to my Centos 5.3, and I change
> "Virus Scanners = auto" in Mailscanner.conf, after restart server the
> mailscanner only detect the clamav, no Kaspersky found, I know the
> virus.scanners.conf is control the anti-virus program location, the new
> version of Kaspersky is locate to /opt/kaspersky/kav4fs/ , does any expert
> can tell me how to fix it or make the MS to support the latest version of
> Kaspersky.

I use version 5 of Kaspersky.  I specified "kaspersky-4.5" according to the instructions in the MailScanner configuration file.

I also added a soft link in directory /opt called "kav" and pointing to "/opt/kaspersky/kav4lms".

We'll be changing to version 6 of Kaspersky in the next few months. I believe our licence keys work with both version 5 and with version 6.

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