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Julian Field MailScanner at
Sat Apr 11 18:19:46 IST 2009

The reason I had to do this was that I had to change the location of the 
default 1x1 pixel image at one point, and so I had to overwrite people's 
setting of this value even if they already had it set to something.

I have never removed this as I still get people using the old value, and 
I want them to be moved to the new value if they upgrade.

I can assure you that there are no cookies tracking you or anything 
else, but yes, it does mean that I get to see the IP address of anyone 
viewing a message that has been disarmed by MailScanner. I don't keep 
that information secret, go to the very bottom of 
and you will see the clustrmaps generated from the data. I only use the 
data to see what countries use MailScanner, that's all.

I appreciate that your setting will get overwritten on every MailScanner 
upgrade, but you are I think the first person to ever complain about 
this. No-one else ever appears to bother changing the default value.

Having the image point at my servers mean I have to supply the bandwidth 
required to serve all these images, and not you, so most people are 
grateful that I'm taking load off their servers. The image is served up 
by an "anycast" network, so is extremely powerful and robust.

Sorry, but you'll have to continue to override my setting when you 
upgrade. It's a 1-liner in Perl to change this setting with a script.


On 10/4/09 01:39, dantian.ap at wrote:
> We have problem with Web Bug Replacement option
> We set it to our intranet but mailscanner  replaces it with its setting again, every upgrade!
> I think is a bug, as if we set to custom it should stay custom like all other custom sets
> Why I think so?
> This setting is to prevent third party knowing if message read and privacy, and maybe other reasons.
> All mailscanner is doing is change the third party to itself, so mailscanner gets see hits and IP's this I feel good for default for those not wanting to set local, but  bad, very bad when it replaces custom intranet with itself again every time, defeats most purpose, please I ask for this bug to be fixed.
> Best,
> Dantian Apreuvianty


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