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Tue Apr 7 22:43:46 IST 2009

on 4-7-2009 12:43 PM Chuck Rock spake the following:
> Martin Hepworth <maxsec <at>> writes:
>> I'd look at using Barricade MX from those nice folks at FSL to reduce the 
> load on the servers.
>> I'd also think about adding in more boxes - ideally if you loose a box the 
> others should be able to cope with the load and in you're current situation I 
> doubt that is the case.
>> Did I mention upgrading MailScanner also - there's a fair bit of speed up in 
> there, but alot of it is related to SA speed-ups and better clamd support and 
> the watermarking support.
>> How are you spam trapping these emails - just relying on RBLs or don't you 
> bother?-- Martin HepworthOxford, UK
> Yeah, I'm using a local rbldnsd on each server too and using the RBL list 
> I like that one because it automatically clears out 
> blocked IP's after 7 days if they don't keep hitting their spam traps.
> Julian mentioned using Sendmail itself to filter. I just am not that familiar 
> with sendmail, so I have some reading to do. :-)
> I might setup a new server to test as an upgrade to the existing setup. This 
> way I can use SA and see how it affects the system load and still use the 
> latest and greatest versions. Right now I'm just instructing users how to 
> setup Outlook rules to delete those messages, but that's very tedious.
> Thanks for all the help.
> Chuck
If you like the uceprotect blacklist, you could toss that in the
and rebuild the That way if it is in the list, sendmail just
drops the mail midstream instead of having to save it then scan it then store
it. You could probably also use your local rbl there also. I bet I drop 30% to
50% or more of the initial onslaught at the MTA. At least 1/10th the load there.

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