MailScanner, CentOS 5 and perl-IO & perl-File-Temp

Kai Schaetzl maillists at
Tue Apr 7 16:31:24 IST 2009

Julian Field wrote on Sat, 04 Apr 2009 19:52:56 +0100:

> That sounds ancient. If you check the ChangeLog on I 
> think you will find a whole host of bugs fixed since that version.

Who says that the important fixes are not in that version? The point about 
enterprise distributions is that you keep a reliable system for a long 
time that also gets security and serious bug fixes over this time.

What you are doing with your install script is about the same you did 5 or 
more years ago. It may have been necessary back then. Nowadays the major 
distributions are equipped with decent Perl support and with a slew of the 
most important modules. And most other modules are usually available as 
rpms from an external repository that specializes in that distribution.
Forcing rpms on top of the existing perl installation and included modules 
is definitely something that one should not do. And it's easily avoidable.

> As I have said before, feel free to ignore my installation script 
> completely. Just don't complain to me when your system doesn't work 
> reliably or you have to do other steps by hand.

I've been using MailScanner now for more than 5 years, Julian. Have you 
seen any perl or installation related problems posted by me? I'm rarely 
having any problem. This is due to your superb work and because I'm very 
careful about what and how I put it on my machines. My MailScanners work 
fine and my perl works fine, too. Without forcing any newer modules over 
the ones coming with the distribution.


Kai Schätzl, Berlin, Germany
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