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2009/4/7 Chuck Rock <carock at>

> Kai Schaetzl <maillists <at>> writes:
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> > Chuck Rock wrote on Thu, 2 Apr 2009 21:28:05 +0000 (UTC):
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> > > I'm not using SpamAssassin, just MailScanner with antivirus.
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> > However, SA is just for that, so use it. Don't abuse other tools for
> > things they were not made for.
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> > Kai
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> I can't overload these boxes with extra scanning. MailScanner/Sendmail is
> maxing out CPU and memory and adding SA will make them backlog mail for
> scanning until there's no possible way to catch up.
> They scan about 100 msgs per second and get hit with 1000 messages a second
> sometimes. These are quad Xeon boxes with 6 Gig RAM running clamd and
> MailScanner 4.61.7. Running clamscan instead of clamd used too much CPU for
> them to keep up. I have two identical boxes running with round robin and
> about
> once per year, they will get hit so hard I have to take one out of service
> to
> catch up over 12 hours or so. I can't realistically add another process to
> the
> cpu unless it's going to make up for it somewhere else.
> Thanks,
> Chuck
> p.s. bottom posting sucks
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I'd look at using Barricade MX from those nice folks at FSL to reduce the
load on the servers.
I'd also think about adding in more boxes - ideally if you loose a box the
others should be able to cope with the load and in you're current situation
I doubt that is the case.

Did I mention upgrading MailScanner also - there's a fair bit of speed up in
there, but alot of it is related to SA speed-ups and better clamd support
and the watermarking support.

How are you spam trapping these emails - just relying on RBLs or don't you

Martin Hepworth
Oxford, UK
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