Easiest way to upgrade MailScanner on FreeBSD?

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at trunknetworks.com
Mon Apr 6 23:19:09 IST 2009

On 6 Apr 2009, at 17:17, Jim Coates wrote:

> Good morning all..
> Please excuse this "beginner" question, but I am in the process of  
> moving one of my mail servers and thought this would be a perfect  
> time to upgrade MailScanner to the latest and greatest.
> I am running FreeBSD and installed MailScanner originally from ports.
> I would like to know the best/easiest way to upgrade MailScanner to  
> the latest version.
> Any advice would be helpful.

Well if you don't mind the bleeding edge too much, I have attached my  
own port directory for the latest beta (I run a lot of Macs so need  
the MIME support in the latest beta). It might not be quite as good  
the one that Jan-Peter officially puts together but he is so busy at  
the moment the port is quite old.

Just untar the file in /usr/ports/mail and overwrite the mailscanner  
directory. Once there, proceed as normal.

Normal caveats apply but it's working fine on my boxes.

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