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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Fri Apr 3 23:38:01 IST 2009

Scott Silva wrote:

> Some of my users roam also. But their systems send company mail
> through company servers. If they have troubles, they vpn into the
> company network to use the e-mail. Or they use the webmail if they
> are not on a company PC.   
> Personal mail? Use Yahoo or Gmail or whatever... They don't pay me to
> get your video joke out to your relatives. 
> So if someone sends a company e-mail with our domain on it, I want it
> to either go through our servers or fail. There is no grey area here.
> If it has our domain, but didn't go through our servers, off to the
> bit bucket to be recycled into useful info. And I have old school
> executives that think e-mail is point to point like a fax.    

Yes, exactly.  Well said.  If it's stamped w/my name you play by my rules.  Besides, if a user changes their from address in their client as Ken asserts, I believe it'll fail most of the time unless they hit an open relay, and those are pretty scarce anymore.  I'd be really interested to see what these folks are actually doing, and just how many of them would really have a problem.

A lot more people are inconvenienced by spam than a few of his customers are by having to specify a valid mail server.  But I doubt I'll change his mind...

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