Clamav 0.95

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Wed Apr 1 22:21:36 IST 2009

> I am still kind of curious why it only affects some systems and not
> (such as any of mine), although I do not install clamav via rpm on any
of my
> systems. Just for fun I installed the 0.95-1 via rpm on a CENTOS 5.2
> that I don't normaly have clamav on and it worked fine, the correct
> were there and the unrar functions tested fine. Hmmmm.

I've run into this problem on every Centos 5.2/5.3 server I've tried. In
my case, it's affected both clean and upgraded installs, but they were
all done by RPM. The servers were a mix of base installs and some
installs including the kitchen sink.

Definitely annoying, but at least it's quick to resolve.


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