MailScanner Losing it's Efficiency {Scanned}

Daniel Straka dstraka at
Thu Sep 25 22:41:32 IST 2008

>>> Scott Silva <ssilva at> 9/25/2008 3:13 PM >>>
on 9-25-2008 1:59 PM Alex Neuman van der Hans spake the following:
>> Not here. This looks like a perl problem.
>> And spamassassin --lint doesn't show much info on my setup; I usually 
>> use spamassassi -D --lint
>>> On Sep 25, 2008, at 3:42 PM, Daniel Straka wrote:
>>> It appears to be looking for a corresponding .pm file. Anyone have 
>>> this issue?
>I don't see any call for a pm file in the cf.
>How did you download it?

I overdid it and put an entry in the v310.PRE file and that was causing the lint errors. I've done this in the past when I've had .pm and .cf pairs to work with. appears to be working as I'm seeing many SA KAM hits in the mail log. I'll let it run a while and leave the list alone.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me with these matters.

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