MailScanner Losing it's Efficiency

Richard Frovarp richard.frovarp at
Thu Sep 25 19:17:08 IST 2008

Daniel Straka wrote:
> As Scott was so kind to point out, I made a mistake on my MS version , it's 4.69.9, installed in May. Sorry about that.
> I'm running MailScanner v4.54.6 with SpamAssassin v3.1.3 and over the last couple of weeks a lot of spam is coming through that is quite spammy in nature. So it seems that MailScanner is no longer very effective at spam detection. The number of messages that make it into user mailboxes has gone from ~4000 to ~6000 per day without an overall increase in mail received at the mx servers. What could cause a decrease in the effectiveness of spam detection? Any tips (details please) on keeping MS and SA optimized at spam detection? 
> Is it possible the spammers have a bunch of new relays that aren't in the RBL's yet? Or are the spamcop or spamhaus RBL's having issues?
> Thanks,
As Scott said, upgrade SA. At 3.1.3 you won't have access to the latest 
rule definitions. Razor helps quite a bit as well.

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