Announcing the new FSL MailScanner Beta yum repository

Andrew MacLachlan andrew at
Thu Sep 25 00:14:37 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:
> I don't want to start any form of argument here, but isn't this like 
> all those companies out there who sell MailScanner as a chargeable 
> service to all their customers, and then never even consider giving me 
> any form of compensation for all the profit they are making out of my 
> work?
No argument from me - I've had sooo many people wanting to sell ESVA 
(which is MS based) that I've lost count - Biggest problem with that 
approach is that it's morally bankrupt - I couldn't reasonably charge 
for something that isn't mine to sell. OK - I've invested a lot of time 
and effort (as well as some money) on building the thing and making it 
easy to use, but I've also had a lot of help from others as well. The 
only way that I could justify making money out of something like ESVA is 
to redistribute some of the profits back to those who provide the 
software that makes it work (i.e. Jules ) - and not by selling the 
software - you can only sell your time (i.e. support, 
managed/professional services, value-add etc.) - which is exactly how I 
see the repository: Value add for the MS portions. The rest of the 
packages (i.e. ClamAV, SA etc. are free but included in the repository 
for convenience and stability. If you don't want to hand-crank 
everything there are other (free) options.
> Yes, there are a few very notable exceptions to this (thankyou, you 
> know who you are), but there aren't very many who give me anything. 
> Most of them take the profit and run, without ever even thinking of 
> giving me anything in return.
I've not donated anything but can you make an exception as I don't make 
any money either?
> Also, the beta repository is free.
> And any services like this that we may choose to make a charge for, I 
> don't directly get any of that money anyway.
> Jules

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