WMV's Getting Through

Mike Kercher mkercher at nfsmith.com
Wed Sep 24 19:24:08 IST 2008


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Recently, .WMV files have started being delivered through my MS boxes.

I ran file against one of the attachments:

file JobMarket-2010.wmv
JobMarket-2010.wmv: Microsoft ASF

In my filetype.rules.conf, I have:

deny    ASF             No Windows media        No Windows media files

This hasn't been changed in a LONG time

I even tried adding \.wmv$ to filename.rules.conf, but they are still
coming through.

The only thing I see in the logs is that the email is too big for spam
checks (is too big for spam checks (6657685 > 150000 bytes))

Any idea what I'm missing here?



Bumping to see if anyone has any suggestions.


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