Announcing the new FSL MailScanner Beta yum repository

Julian Field MailScanner at
Sun Sep 21 17:57:17 IST 2008

Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
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> Julian Field wrote:
>> This is a new Yum repository for CentOS 5 i386 and x86_64 only.  It will
>> always contain the latest MailScanner beta (4.72.2 at the time of
>> writing) along with SpamAssassin (plus DCC, Razor, DKIM, SPF, IP-Country
>> and Rule2XS plug-ins), ClamAV and all Perl module dependencies.
> Much as I appreciate the work you put in to this there is a thing I find
> less apealing.
> If this is "your" repository and you start to charge money then it
> should not depend on free repositories like the way you do now with
> certain packages. ClamAV was the first one I noticed as it is a straight
> copy of rpmforge. Or part of the payment should end up with the rpmforge
> team for service rendered.
I don't want to start any form of argument here, but isn't this like all 
those companies out there who sell MailScanner as a chargeable service 
to all their customers, and then never even consider giving me any form 
of compensation for all the profit they are making out of my work?

Yes, there are a few very notable exceptions to this (thankyou, you know 
who you are), but there aren't very many who give me anything. Most of 
them take the profit and run, without ever even thinking of giving me 
anything in return.

Also, the beta repository is free.

And any services like this that we may choose to make a charge for, I 
don't directly get any of that money anyway.


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