AW: SpamAssassin cache hit inherits original spam score?

Ehle, Roland roland at
Wed Sep 17 20:13:09 IST 2008


do you split messages to multiple recipients into one message per recipient? Maybe this is the point.

If you use different Spam Scores per Domain, you probably use a rules file. Are you sure, the rules file is setup correctly? The default rule should be at the end of the file. 

By the way: MailScanner works perfectly for me with different Spam Scores for the different domains. So there is probably a little dot missing in your configuration.


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> Betreff: SpamAssassin cache hit inherits original spam score?
> We scan a number of different domains. Some have a required spam score
> of 7 while most use 5.
> The individual spam scores for the domains work as desired but seems to
> fail at times if a spam is cached.
> We've had examples where a domain that has set 5 as the required score
> gets spam delivered with a header as this:
> X-Svenskakyrkan-SpamCheck: not spam, SpamAssassin (cached, score=6.81,
> required 7, BAYES_50 0.00, DCC_CHECK 2.17, URIBL_BLACK 3.00, URIBL_SBL
> 1.64)
> Shouldnt the saved spam score be evaluated again when there is a cache
> hit?
> Regards, Tony
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