clamd DoS?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Mon Sep 15 16:46:19 IST 2008


> Also with ClamAV 0.94 and latest MS beta it breaks. We just upgraded.
> I just ran the message with clamd and had no problems at all.
> At Mon Sep 15 16:29:30 2008 the virus scanner said:
>  Clamd: was infected: Trojan.Agent-49425=20
> # clamscan --version
> ClamAV 0.94/8247/Mon Sep 15 13:04:53 2008

We have 4 different site that are having all the same issue, with various 
versions of MailScanner. I dont know if we can test feeding it Clam 
directly. But inside MailScannner with ClamD running it really breaks. So 

If needed we can give you access to a couple of the machines.


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