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Sun Sep 14 18:55:12 IST 2008

On 14 Sep 2008, at 12:37, Alex Broens wrote:

> On 9/14/2008 1:04 PM, Glenn Steen wrote:
>> Yes, well... they seem to be indacations of the same thing. So far
>> only observed on CentOS 5.2 boxes (I've had reports that it's working
>> OK on Slackware as well as Mandriva).
> Centos 4.x and older MS release as well (most of my production boxes)

I have not noticed any difference on my PF boxes. However, I am  
running FreeBSD.

>>> I shoot down almost all other stuff on non FQDN issues and  
>>> blacklisting
>>> dialup networks based on keywords in their hostname in postfix  
>>> itself.
>>> So I can not recall to have seen messages sneak past with  
>>> attachments in
>>> them.
>> As do we all, so it is a very marginal thing,if a problem at all. I  
>> think:-).
> not everybody does massiv rejects. One missed virus due to this  
> exploding bug could cause havoc.


>>> The attachment thing might be a combined thing of a new postfix  
>>> building
>>> queue files slightly differently. But beyond the test messages I  
>>> have
>>> never seen that issue arise.
>> There is no difference that the queue file decoding code would fall
>> afoul of. The same code Just Work(tm) for me on my testbeds (and on  
>> my
>> production, used for reference during my testing:-).
> obviously, testing with another OS triggers a bunch of "works for me".
> I dare say Mandriva is pretty much one of the exotics in the global  
> MS user base :-)

I suspect it probably is!

> for what we know, the issue, which is reproduceable may be affecting  
> thousands of Centos 5.x installs. That it has gone by unnoticed  
> hardly justifies ignoring it, does it?

That one I have to agreed with. It made me crawl over my mail logs to  
make sure.


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