Alex Broens ms-list at
Sun Sep 14 12:37:01 IST 2008

On 9/14/2008 1:04 PM, Glenn Steen wrote:
> Yes, well... they seem to be indacations of the same thing. So far
> only observed on CentOS 5.2 boxes (I've had reports that it's working
> OK on Slackware as well as Mandriva).

Centos 4.x and older MS release as well (most of my production boxes)

> The problem is that the "exploding" of the message as read from the
> queue file fails. It simply returns nothing.

so that's the bug...

> Not that the message is malformed in any special way.
> Since I don't have this problem (with Alex files), I can't go much
> further there.

I'm still seeing it, on latest and not so new MS releases to its there - 
Ic an't hide it.
atm, I don't poker for backward compatibility, but for the latest OS/MS 
releases I won't loose hope.

>> I shoot down almost all other stuff on non FQDN issues and blacklisting
>> dialup networks based on keywords in their hostname in postfix itself.
>> So I can not recall to have seen messages sneak past with attachments in
>> them.
> As do we all, so it is a very marginal thing,if a problem at all. I think:-).

not everybody does massiv rejects. One missed virus due to this 
exploding bug could cause havoc.

>> The attachment thing might be a combined thing of a new postfix building
>> queue files slightly differently. But beyond the test messages I have
>> never seen that issue arise.
> There is no difference that the queue file decoding code would fall
> afoul of. The same code Just Work(tm) for me on my testbeds (and on my
> production, used for reference during my testing:-).

obviously, testing with another OS triggers a bunch of "works for me".
I dare say Mandriva is pretty much one of the exotics in the global MS 
user base :-)

for what we know, the issue, which is reproduceable may be affecting 
thousands of Centos 5.x installs. That it has gone by unnoticed hardly 
justifies ignoring it, does it?

I truly hope Jules comes up with *THE* great idea coz this is becoming a 
serious showstopper.


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