Alex Broens ms-list at
Sun Sep 14 11:33:20 IST 2008

On 9/14/2008 11:52 AM, Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
  > I have only seen the issue with queue files from Alex. And the odd
> EMPTY_MESSAGE report I found myself.
> I shoot down almost all other stuff on non FQDN issues and blacklisting
> dialup networks based on keywords in their hostname in postfix itself.
> So I can not recall to have seen messages sneak past with attachments in
> them.

all the samples I have are coming into this trap box from this kind of 
hosts I'd normally reject as well.
After ther last "setup.exe" type of fix Jules suggested, there are less 
messages beig skipped. The "" samples still aren't detected.
Have little hope we'll ever find the reasonf or this.

> The attachment thing might be a combined thing of a new postfix building
> queue files slightly differently. But beyond the test messages I have
> never seen that issue arise.
> But if a beta version can be created that allows one to use postcat
> instead of a native MailScanner parser of the raw queue file just to see
> if it is a factor then I can test that as my MailScanner server is
> pretty low in traffic.

I'm for this as well. My test box has enough crappy traffic to put it 
thru its paces, and I can get more if required.
Who knows, it could also turn out to be an alternative for low traffic 
setups as I don't imagine postcat would scalet too well.


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