Whitelist our mobile phone users

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at fsl.com
Fri Sep 12 14:05:10 IST 2008

Nigel Kendrick wrote:
>> We have a recurring problem (2-3 times a year) where UK Vodaphone  
>> domains
>> get added to various RBLs and so our mobile users suddenly get their  
>> mail
>> What rejects the mail, Postfix or MailScanner?
>> Drew
> It's MailScanner as the domain is found in 3+ RBLs

IMO - I would disable both 'Spam Domain Lists' and 'Spam Lists' in 
MailScanner.conf completely and let SpamAssassin score on these lists 
instead and move the 'trusted' RBLs into your MTA (e.g. 
zen.spamhaus.org) instead as this will significantly reduce the load on 
your MailScanner box.

The 'Spam List' lookups are serialised in MailScanner whereas they are 
done in parallel and asynchronously in SpamAssassin and are therefore 
way faster.


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