Training MS/SA & Mailwatch

Allan Spencer allan at
Wed Sep 10 23:59:30 IST 2008

Well I figured I'd have to get MS doing what it needed to first before I 
could start with MW but I would hazard a guess and say you've pointed me 
in exactly the direction I needed and need to store messages. Off host 
learning is not a major issue we don't have enough mail volume and users 
to be concerned with it but even so the more load I can take off myself 
processing messages the better I guess


Martin.Hepworth wrote:
> Allan
> This more of a MW question, so best to ask on that list.
> But a pointer is that you need 'store' all messages as an action for spam and non spam, so MW can have access to the message in order to learn them.
> As for off-host learning, best option is an Imap folder for spam and ham, then use one of many perl scripts floating about the SA site to pull them into your local bayes db.
> Have a lookn the MS wiki also for a section on getting the most out of spamassassin.

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