Training MS/SA & Mailwatch

Allan Spencer allan at
Wed Sep 10 05:11:03 IST 2008

Firstly please forgive me for being a bit of a newb but am looking at 
trying to train our MS/SA system to catch some of the spam thats getting 
through hopefully through the Mailwatch UI .Our MS doesn't accept any 
local mail and relays off to various Lotus Domino servers so not sure if 
this has an impact on the training capabilities

Running Centos 4.x MS 4.71, SA 3.2.5, & ClamAV 0.94

The only other SA rules I've added are the KAM ones and I *THINK* I've 
got fuzzyocr working (which I will probably ditch shortly)
In MW messages that have already been caught as a virus show me the 
option to learn as spam/ham (even though this is obvious) but no other 
messages give me this option.

At the moment just need some starting points and directions towards a 
newb guide and maybe someone to have a glance over config file and  
--lint outputs to verify


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