ClamAV 0.94

Jose Julian Buda jbuda at
Mon Sep 8 15:42:03 IST 2008

Hi , I have a mail server with :
Debian etch

Yesterday it work fine catching virus, but todat  i've made an upgrade from 
clamav 0.93 to 0.94 and then
the process stop catching mail with virus, i mean , the mails are stoped 
anyway by "No programs allowed" with mailscanner because of the extensions 
file, but there is not any message or report from "ClamAv".

I have a txt file with eicar string , if i run on server:

cat filewitheicar.txt | mail jbuda at

the mail pass through the mailscanner and the workstation's antivirus alert 
me abourt the eicar strings.

Why the mailscanner stop using clamav?

Thank you any help about this.

Sorry about my english

Jose Julian Buda 

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