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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Sun Sep 7 15:58:57 IST 2008

2008/9/4 mark mcintosh <mmcintosh at>:
> Hello,
> I have a fairly new install of Mailscanner on a Centos 5.2 x64 VPS with
> (mailwatch, postfixadmin, mailscanner-mrtg, postfix, maildrop, dcc,
> razor, pyzor)
> The system is working and is blocking most of my spam but I would like
> to tweak it and I have a few concerns listed below.
> Why does the --lint test show that Pyzor is disabled ?? (Pyzor also
> shows not working in mailscanner lint test -->>pyzor: check failed:
> internal error (listed below)
> Why does it skip the Razor ?? Same for SpamCop ??
> Th3 Net::Ident module is it critical ????? ----- Will forcing
> installation cause me to break anything else ??

SpamAssassin, that is responsible for all this, only do syntax
checking with the --lint test. Hence all network tests are disabled
when doing a --lint run. To actually include the tests, you need run
something like:
spamassassin -t -D < /path/to/an/actual/message/file
... You should have several likely candidates for that type of testing
in your quarantine;-).

Now, the Pyzor internal error might be because of anything ... well,
almost. What happens if you do a "pyzor ping"? And if you do it as
your postfix user? (you might need do "su - postfix -s /bin/bash" to
be able to do the latter:)

> The last line in the MailScanner --lint related to my mailwatch
> installation only appears at times and I am still looking into it any
> ideas ??
The Autocommit "warning" is normal. Just ignore it (it is purely
informational, has no ill effects... Means that you have autocommit on
in your DB, while MailWatch applies commits at appropriate places...
The "error" reports that these are NOOPs... Which is fine;).

> For clarity I have included the MailScanner -lint as well as the
> Spamassassin --lint
For brevity... I've removed them:-).

> Any help on these questions would be appreciated
> Mark McIntosh

-- Glenn
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