MailScanner ANNOUNCE: 4.71 stable released

Julian Field MailScanner at
Fri Sep 5 09:49:42 IST 2008

Kevin Miller wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>>> Julian Field wrote:
>> I have provided support for 7.01. Install it with the
>> "--command-line-only" switch on the installer command-line in order to
>> just the get bits you want and not any of the whole irrelevant
>> management environment.
> I just installed f-secure 7.01 in command line mode (upgrade from 4.65)
> and checked my contab.  The previous installs would ask whether or not
> to modify crontab - this one doesn't.  It just inserts the following in
> root's crontab:
> # Start of FSSP automatically added scheduled tasks. Do not edit.
> */1 * * * * /opt/f-secure/fssp/bin/dbupdate --auto >/dev/null 2>&1
> # End of FSSP automatically added scheduled tasks. Do not edit.
> I presume that MailScanner has an f-secure update wrapper so I'm remming
> it out.  Please correct me if I'm wrong on that Julian.
You are quite correct. You don't want to do a dbupdate every minute!


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