Spamassassin mostly stoped working after clamav/spamassasin update installation

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Thu Sep 4 17:50:28 IST 2008

Yesterday I updated MailScanner, clamAV & spamassassin via the packages
on the mailscanner site.  I'd previously set up spamassassin to use the
SARE & KAM rulesets.  Both the spamassassin rules & the SARE rules were
in /var/lib/spamassassin/3.002004.  Last night the update_spamassassin
script in cron.daily ran, and this morning in /var/lib/spamassassin
there's a new directory, 3.002005, as expected.  Only thing is, only the
SARE rules are in it.  Naturally, filtering isn't quite as robust as it
was yesterday! <g>

Did I miss a step somewhere along the way?  After upgrading using the
clam/sp package was there something else I needed to do?  My
sare-sa-updates-channel.txt contains as the
first line, so I'm not sure why the latest/greatest rules didn't come


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