Mail passing through pretending to be whilisted

Juan Pablo Lorier jplorier at
Thu Sep 4 14:29:55 IST 2008


I've been seen in the logs spam passing through MailScanner because it 
"think" they are whitelisted. 

Message m83LrUAs017322 from (kavalchuk at ignored 
whitelist, had 29 recipients (>20) : 1 Time(s)

I've checked the whitelist to see if anything can match to that domain 
but I've only have 3 entries and they differ a lot from that.
I've an outdated mailscanner server (4.65), maybe there's something 
already detected and corrected about this, does it?
Thanks in advance

Ing. Juan Pablo Lorier
Monte Carlo TV SA
Montevideo, Uruguay
+(598)2 9244444

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