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Wed Sep 3 08:18:13 IST 2008

2008/9/3 Peter Nitschke <email at>
> Hi,
> Running MS 4.7.1
> Just started getting Blackberry dat files getting blocked.
> "No programs allowed (ETP.DAT)"
> I have a few users with Blackberry's and it hasn't been a problem before
> that I know of.
> Could it be related to the upgrade?

No. The ETP.DAT file is an "abomination of sorts", containing the
encrypted user activation data (for your BES server to pick up
"automagically" from the users mailbox). In the message you also have
the ascii armoured binary snippet, so why they insist on doing it this
way is beyond me... Anyway... It can randomly hit any filetype rule.
That you haven't seen any such before just means you've been lucky.
Make an exeption rule for *, or live with it;-). If you
decide to use the former strategy, look at the "overloading" example
in the wiki ...

> Cheers,
> Peter

-- Glenn
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