FYI ALL: Fwd: [Clamav-announce] announcing ClamAV 0.94

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Tue Sep 2 18:01:36 IST 2008

>Dear ClamAV users,
>Sourcefire and the ClamAV team are pleased to announce the release of
>ClamAV 0.94. The following are the key features and improvements of this
>   - Logical Signatures: The logical signature technology uses operators
>     such as AND, OR and NOT to allow the combination of more than one
>     signature into one entry in the signature database resulting in
>     more detailed and flexible pattern matching.
>   - Anti-phishing Technology: Users can now change the priority and reporting
>     of ClamAV's heuristic anti-phishing scanner within the detection engine
>     process. They can choose whether, when scanning a supicious file, ClamAV
>     should stop scanning and report the phish, or continue to scan 
> in case the
>     file contains other malware (clamd: HeuristicScanPrecedence,
>     clamscan: --heuristic-scan-precedence)
>   - Disassembly Engine: The initial version of the disassembly 
> engine improves
>     ClamAV's detection abilities.
>   - PUA Detection: Users can now decide which PUA signatures should be loaded
>     (clamd: ExcludePUA, IncludePUA; clamscan: --exclude-pua, --include-pua)
>   - Data Loss Prevention (DLP): This version includes a new module that, when
>     enabled, scans data for the inclusion of US formated Social Security
>     Numbers and credit card numbers (clamd: StructuredDataDetection,
>     clamscan: --detect-structured; additional fine-tuning options 
> are available)
>   - IPv6 Support: Freshclam now supports IPv6
>   - Improved Scanning of Scripts: The normalization of scripts now covers
>     JavaScript
>   - Improved QA and Unit Testing: The improved QA process now includes
>     API testing and new library of test files in various formats that are
>     tested on a wide variety of systems (try running 'make check' 
> in the source
>     directory)
>For more details, please refer to 
>and to the ChangeLog.
>You may need to run 'ldconfig' after installing this version.
>** This version drops the special support for Cygwin. Our QA process showed
>** serious problems with ClamAV builds under Cygwin due to some low-level
>** incompatibilities in the POSIX compatibility layer, resulting in unreliable
>** ClamAV behaviour.
>The ClamAV team (
>Luca Gibelli (luca _at_       ClamAV, a GPL anti-virus toolkit
>[Tel] +39 0187 1851862 [Fax] +39 0187 1852252 [IM] nervous/
>PGP key id 5EFC5582 @ any key-server ||

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