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Stef Morrell stef at aoc-uk.com
Thu Oct 30 11:41:30 GMT 2008

Martin.Hepworth <martinh at solidstatelogic.com> wrote:
> All about education then ain't it.

Yes and in particular, the cost of retraining all the staff to use a new MUA. 

> If they want to spend £££££/$$$$$ to uncle Bill/Steve then
> fair enough,

On the other hand, once you've set an SME up with a server running SBS, the average end user at least understands it enough somewhat get by. It's easy for us as 'experts' to sit in Ivory Towers saying how *nix & sendmail/postfix is so much better but the average business doesn't want the hassle of learning how, as that takes time away from whatever their core business is.

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