OT: New service - the Team Cymru Malware Hash Registry!

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Wed Oct 29 20:36:15 GMT 2008

Jerry wrote:
>> Ha - you're using Exchange aren't you.  My sig is correct too, when
>> it leaves my desk, but it fails a reply as well.  I'm betting
>> Microsoft is doing us the 'favor' of stripping it out.  Sigh.
>> ...Kevin
> I have never heard of Exchange stripping out a 'space' character from
> email text.
> In any case, both signatures are now working correctly. I rechecked
> the first message with the non functioning signature, and it still
> does not contain a 'space' character after the double dash. Perhaps,
> it got lost in the transmission. In any case, all is well now.
> Thanks!

Hmmm.  Looking at your post, I don't see a MailScanner sig appended
underneath your signature.  I do on mine.  So now your signature is
stripped out, but replying to my post strips out the MailScanner
signature, but not my signature.  It must parse from the bottom up.

I think you're right about Exchange not stripping it out.  I 'see' the
space in my signature before I reply, but not in the reply itself, so
maybe it's Outlook 2003 that's doing the cleanup.

I dunno.  Glad you got yours sorted...

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