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Wed Oct 29 15:49:00 GMT 2008

On Wed, 29 Oct 2008 15:06:05 -0000
"Stef Morrell" <stef at aoc-uk.com> wrote:

>"Jerry" <gesbbb at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Stef, would you mind terribly prefixing your
>> signature/disclaimer/etc. with a standard 'signature delimiter' so
>> that my MUA can delete it automatically prior to replying to one of
>> your posts?
>I can try...
>Personally, I'm all for the 'let's keep sigs down to 4 lines mmkay'...
>and then the corporate lawyers jump in (disclaimer, at least I managed
>to persuade the boss that putting it on a website was ok, and yes,
>between us, I know what they are worth, but anyway) and now of course
>it's a legal requirement (here in the UK at least) to include address
>information - email is now a 'business communication' same as a paper
>and ink letter!
>Anyway... sig duly adjusted.
>Stefan Morrell          | Operations Director
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>stef at aoc-uk.com         | stef at l5net.net
>Standard Disclaimer: http://www.aoc-uk.com/16.asp
>Alpha Omega Computers Ltd, Unit 57, BBTC, Grange Road, Batley, WF17
>6ER. Registered in England No. 3867142.  VAT No. GB734421454

First, thank you for your quick response. However, it appears that your
'sig delimiter' is limited to two dashes rather than 'dash dash
space'. Unfortunately, sans the <space> the 'sig delimiter' will not
work as intended.

Maybe your MUA is stripping the 'space' at the end out. I have no idea.

I do agree that massive signatures/disclaimers are a pure waste of time
and bandwidth as well as being legally unenforceable. I believe in
Germany, that they are not required on publicly accessible forums, such
as this one. Is that different in the UK? The web accessible
'disclaimer' is a nice touch though. Unfortunately, some politician will
undoubtedly eventually nullify that also.

gesbbb at yahoo.com

Paranoia is heightened awareness.
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