/var/spool/mqueue growing

Marcello Anderlini m.anderlini at database.it
Wed Oct 29 12:15:22 GMT 2008

Hello everybody, today my /var/spool/mqueue is becoming very large and I
do not understand why

I'm using mailscanner-4.58.9-1,spamassassin-3.2.5-1.el4. on a centos

It seems to me that some msg stay here and are not devilivered to
recipient still If they are on the same machine.
Looking on maillog I've noticed that one of this:
Oct 29 10:46:58 netra MailScanner[6449]: Message m9T9klhf010817 from (amministrazione at toppy.it) to toppy.it is too big for
spam checks (173900 > 150000 bytes)

And nothing else. I've also try to send a sendmail -q -v but nothing
seems to happen.

Could be that the problem it's that if the msg it's to big to be
spamchecked it remains in /var/spool/mqueue without been processed ?

Thanks a lot for any kind of help

Dr. Marcello Anderlini
m.anderlini at database.it
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