OT - GreetPause question

Brendan Pirie bpirie at rma.edu
Tue Oct 28 13:41:07 GMT 2008


I haven't used this feature in the access.db myself, but the sendmail 
documentation for 8.13.8 includes examples of this:

                If FEATURE(`access_db') is enabled, an access database
                lookup with the GreetPause tag is done using client
                hostname, domain, IP address, or subnet to determine the
                pause time:

                        GreetPause:my.domain    0
                        GreetPause:example.com  5000
                        GreetPause:10.1.2       2000
                        GreetPause:    0

which strongly suggest what you're doing "should" work.



Steve Campbell wrote:
> Done a little googling, but didn't see a specific answer. Don't belong 
> to the sendmail mail list, but probably should join - I belong to too 
> many already.
> It's OT so I'll listen to whatever comes my way.
> I use GreetPause. I have a default time set at 5000 in my 
> sendmail.mc(cf) for 5 seconds. I have my own servers set at 0 so that 
> there is no delay  invoked. I have found where I can put different 
> delays other than zero for certain IPs to override the default in the 
> sendmail.cf, but I don't see it working (or maybe the spammers are 
> really following the rules and wait). The override feature of 
> GreetPause may only be valid in 8.14 sendmail for values other than 0.
> So that is my question - is it valid to put something like 
> "GreetPause:xx.yy.zz    20000" in my access file, remake the access.db 
> in sendmail 8.13? It doesn't give a warning when I remake it, but I 
> see no pre-greeting messages for the inserted values in my logs.
> Thanks for any help. I'll continue looking elsewhere as I'm sure I've 
> just overlooked it.
> Steve Campbell

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