txt file getting blocked as Quick Time file

Kate Kleinschafer kate at rheel.co.nz
Tue Oct 21 20:57:07 IST 2008

Hi all,

I am getting a few messages blocked saying they have a Quick Time file 
attached (which shows as msg-18161-4.txt)
I know the message is ham.
After doing some searching on the internet I came  across a thread that 
said the following about the problem:

/This bug is not so much a problem with filenames.  I'm just pointing out
/>/ that the filenames.conf entries don't override filetype.conf   So the
/>/ tnef created "msg*.txt" files that can be misinterpretted by filetype as
/>/ Quicktime files can't be overridden.  The only options are to allow
/>/ quicktime filetypes or disable the "Use TNEF Contents" option.

/Is the best option to allow QuickTime in filetype.rules.conf or is there another more suitable option.


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