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Tue Oct 21 14:31:35 IST 2008

Mark Nienberg wrote on Mon, 20 Oct 2008 11:32:32 -0700:

> Alternatively, could the initial check for the module be improved 
> somehow to detect that the module is already installed as part of the 
> the core perl installation? I suspect that must not be possible or Jules 
> would have done it already.

I've already pointed several times in that direction. At least there should 
be an installer option to skip all the perl modules alltogether. Or, maybe 
it's there now, I didn't check. What I do when installing a new MS is to 
install *only* the mailscanner*.rpm and the tnef and some other rpm from 
inside the tarball. *Not* all the perl*src.rpms. They are simply not needed 
on Red Hat platforms. All are either part of the distribution or even part 
of the distributed Perl or can be obtained from rpmforge.
That makes the installation also *much* faster :-)

AFAIK, Jules tries to make the installation "fool-proof", so you do not 
need to think about any requirements before installing MS. That obviously 
conflicts with an already well-equipped OS.


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