Spamhaus RBLs

Steven Andrews sandrews at
Mon Oct 20 22:46:38 IST 2008

Interesting.  So, if my ISP's nameservers, which I've set as forwarders
of my own, get acl'd, then mine will go down with it?

Ok, I dig'd it and got back a lot of stuff...i'm assuming that if I got
anything back at all, I'm good?

Thanks all for the education.

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On 10/20/2008 9:52 PM, Steven Andrews wrote:
> When they "firewall" you, I'd assume they block your address entirely
> and that you couldn't even ping their IP.  It appears he's trying to
> ping by the host name and is not getting an address at all; not that
> the ping is failing.

ping is an unreliable/irrelevant test.

they block the hard hitter's NS from resolving

> To me, this smells like a DNS lookup issue, not that they've blocked
> you.  I've tried it from a couple different networks, some it doesn't
> lookup, some it does.  I tested a control network that doesn't have
> any reason to be looking up anything at spamhaus and it fails; my
> Comcast using opendns resolves those hosts fine.  Pings to the IP
> address the host should go through fine.

> Checking A record lookup, has NO A or
> CNAME records at this time, even according to their parent servers.
> Please correct me if I'm interpreting this incorrectly.

if you get a reply, you're good
if no reply, you're NS is ACLd for doing more queries than welcome.

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> on 10-20-2008 2:08 AM Chris Hardy spake the following:
>> Hi All
>> Is it me, or are the spamhaus RBL lists not responding today? I
>> cannot ping or - DNS says unknown
>>  host
>> I've tried this from multiple ISP connections.
>> This has resulted in a much larger increase in spam getting through
>> to my systems.
>> Thanks
>> Chris
> It sounds like they firewalled you for "going over their limit".
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