Spamhaus RBLs

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Mon Oct 20 20:52:24 IST 2008

When they "firewall" you, I'd assume they block your address entirely and that you couldn't even ping their IP.  It appears he's trying to ping by the host name and is not getting an address at all; not that the ping is failing.

To me, this smells like a DNS lookup issue, not that they've blocked you.  I've tried it from a couple different networks, some it doesn't lookup, some it does.  I tested a control network that doesn't have any reason to be looking up anything at spamhaus and it fails; my Comcast using opendns resolves those hosts fine.  Pings to the IP address the host should go through fine.

Checking A record lookup, has NO A or CNAME records at this time, even according to their parent servers.

Please correct me if I'm interpreting this incorrectly.

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on 10-20-2008 2:08 AM Chris Hardy spake the following:
> Hi All
> Is it me, or are the spamhaus RBL lists not responding today?
> I cannot ping or - DNS says unknown 
> host
> I've tried this from multiple ISP connections.
> This has resulted in a much larger increase in spam getting through to 
> my systems.
> Thanks
> Chris
It sounds like they firewalled you for "going over their limit".

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