Spamhaus RBLs

DAve dave.list at
Mon Oct 20 14:22:31 IST 2008

Matt Hayes wrote:
> ram wrote:
>> On Mon, 2008-10-20 at 10:08 +0100, Chris Hardy wrote:
>>> Hi All
>>> Is it me, or are the spamhaus RBL lists not responding today?
>>> I cannot ping or - DNS says unknown host
>>> I've tried this from multiple ISP connections.
>>> This has resulted in a much larger increase in spam getting through to 
>>> my systems.
>> AFAIK Spamhaus offers its datafeed by rsync for free , for non
>> commercial use for a small number of users 
>> Just set up a local rbldnsd and get the feeds. And the performance will
>> be much better
> I thought the feed was pay to use no matter what?  if it isn't, I'd like
> information on that.
> -matt

Even a non-profit with less than 100 users needs to pay $250 for 
datafeed (according to the website form).


I am watching the debate and I am very disappointed. The rules are
simple, "answer the question". I would vote right now, and I can
in Indiana, for the man who answered the question directly, in
less than a minute, and then sat down before the green light was out.

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