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Fri Oct 10 09:16:46 IST 2008

Bottom line is that you are being hammered.

Temporarily block port 25 until you can get the mess cleaned out.

Reduce the number of MS children as it sounds like you may have too many,
also reduce the number of mails per scan.  That's part of your high load

Add or adjust these in 

define(`confTO_IDENT', `0')dnl
define(`confTO_INITIAL', `2m')dnl
define(`confTO_CONNECT', `1m')dnl
define(`confTO_ACONNECT', `2m')dnl
define(`confTO_ICONNECT', `1m')dnl
define(`confTO_HELO', `1m')dnl
define(`confTO_MAIL', `1m')dnl
define(`confTO_RCPT', `1m')dnl
define(`confTO_DATAINIT', `2m')dnl
define(`confTO_DATABLOCK', `2m')dnl
define(`confTO_DATAFINAL', `2m')dnl
define(`confTO_RSET', `1m')dnl
define(`confTO_QUIT', `1m')dnl
define(`confTO_MISC', `1m')dnl
define(`confTO_COMMAND', `1m')dnl
define(`confTO_CONTROL', `1m')dnl
define(`confTO_LHLO', `1m')dnl

FEATURE(`conncontrol', ,`terminate')dnl

FEATURE(`dnsbl', `', `"Rejected "$&{client_addr}" by"')dnl
FEATURE(`dnsbl', `',`"Rejected "$&{client_addr}" by"')dnl

Add this to /etc/mail/access
ClientConn:             4
ClientRate:             10
ClientRate:    0

Then run  "make -C /etc/mail"

Restart MailScanner.

This stuff protects my server very well.


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On 9/10/2008 at 1:58 AM Max Kipness wrote:

>>How's your caching dns performance? Have you updated spamassassin?  
>>What additional rules or plugins are you running? -- 
>Well I followed a lot of the suggestions for increasing performance, and
>although MailScanner is working a little better, it still cannot keep
>up. DNS performance is quick. I do not have the latest spamassassin
>version, but based on the fact that most spam is being caught by
>Sendmail now (as described below), I wouldn't think that is the problem.
>I added the greeting delay to sendmail, am now checking Spamcop and XBL
>at Sendmail level, and although tons of spam is now being caught before
>getting to MailScanner, my is at 30k, incoming is at a
>constant 180 and now mqueue is hovering around 2k. Mail is coming
>through but way too slow. Also, cpu is just pegged at 100% with several
>MailScanner processes, Sendmail processes, and kblockd/0 and kblockd/1
>splitting up all cpu. I'm starting to wonder if after the reboot
>something has degraded my disk performance and now there isn't enough
>cpu for MailScanner to handle the number of messages coming in?
>I may have to resort to setting up MailScanner on another system at this
>Thanks for all the suggestions, and if anyone has any other ideas,
>please let me know.
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