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Jonas Akrouh Larsen jonas at
Thu Oct 9 14:40:43 IST 2008

>>> The following are for those of us using the tarball way to install (I
>>> run debian and their packages are oooold)
>> Backports has some newer packages
>I'm trying to get to the point that I can help keep these up-to-date.  
>Really, mailscanner should be in the Debian "Volatile" archive, I  
>think. But before I can do this right, I need to get an autobuilder  
>set up, and that is proving "interesting".

Since we run our scanners on Debian I would be very willing to help test any
attempts at keeping a debian packages relatively up2date with the
Mailscanner release cycles.
And I do agree it should be in volatile.

I can't help actually maintain and build the package, but as I said I would
love to help test them.

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