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Mon Oct 6 13:48:19 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote on Sat, 27 Sep 2008 19:52:39 +0100:

> Today I have done some work on both the README and the QuickInstall.txt 
> files, to bring the up to date and to simplify them.

Just yesterday, I read them before doing a new install of MS and wondered 
about "Red Hat 8.0". ;-)

> Also I have documented the "./ fast" option, so people who 
> read the docs know it exists, as it greatly speeds things up if you know 
> what you're doing and don't need to read all the output.
> But what would people like to see improved in the actual installation 
> script,

An option to only install rpm's that are necessary for the respective OS. 
You could provide this for a short list of the most used OSes. e.g. a lot 
of the Perl modules you want to install are part of the main Perl on newer 
systems and conflict with them. This gives especially a hard time in case 
the system Perl gets updated (usually a security update). It can even lead 
to a case of a non-updatable Perl!

eg. install-sh --system rhel5 would only install
rpm -ivh tnef*
rpm -ivh mailscanner*

as *all* attached Perl modules are *not* necessary on that platform. They 
are either part of RHEL/CentOS 5 or can be installed via rpmforge.

(yum install perl-Convert-BinHex perl-Convert-TNEF perl-Convert-BinHex 
perl-Convert-TNEF perl-DBD-SQLite perl-Filesys-Df perl-IO-stringy perl-
MIME-tools perl-Net-CIDR perl-OLE-Storage_Lite perl-Pod-Escapes perl-Pod-
Simple perl-Test-Pod perl-Time-HiRes)

As for the setup actions in the mailscanner*.rpm itself, I wonder if it 
wouldn't be time to adjust it so it works for Postfix as well. I've changed 
to Postfix on my new setups and followed the instructions on and in MailScanner.conf
That worked right from the beginning and I think it shouldn't be difficult 
to do this via script or provide an alternative MailScanner.conf and 
provide the few filesystem actions with a script.


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