dirty problem with clamscan 0.94

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Wed Oct 1 20:40:01 IST 2008

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 10-1-2008 12:01 PM Milos Wimmer spake the following:
>>  Hi,
>> I'm using MailScanner in conjunction with ClamAV clamscan antivirus
>> engine. I found problem after upgrade ClamAV to version 0.94.
>> All looked fine (no warnings in log files), but clamscan did not scan
>> any file inside MailScanner.
>> I found problem is caused by change of clamscan-0.94 options :-(
>> Previous versions support options --unzip, --jar, --tar, --max-ratio and
>> other while clamscan-0.94 does not.
>> When you run "clamscan --unzip file" from command line, it writes:
>> clamscan: unrecognized option `--unzip'
>> ERROR: Unknown option passed.
>> ERROR: Can't parse the command line
>> and file does not check.
>> MailScanner set these options inside of wrapper/clamav-wrapper file
>> in ExtraScanOptions parametr.
>> Similar thing is in SweepViruses.pm file for --unrar option.
>> When I comment out setting of all these options, clamscan works inside
>> MailScanner again nice.
>> Please look at this problem - people using clamscan think they are safe,
>> but they are not now. Clamscan-0.94 does not check anything inside
>> MailScanner...
>> Best regards,
>>  Milos
> It is already fixed in the new betas. Stable is usually released every other
> month unless a large change warrants a release sooner.
> Most people aren't using clamscan since it is the most memory and processor
> intensive way to use clam with mailscanner.
I must have the pickiest users in the world, as if mail goes down for 
one minute, I start getting calls. I suppose I could "startin" and maybe 
"startout" and load the Beta. I thought I found all of the instances of 
the ExtraScanOptions to remove the problem, but see I really haven't.

So, if anyone knows where all these ExtraScanOption statements are, it 
would be great if someone could post them so I(we) could remove them. It 
would be even better if it just happened to consist of a few files that 
could be replaced from the Beta.

I work at a newspaper (actually more than one - a morining and evening 
publication) and it doesn't leave much time to fiddle with things. Seems 
like the first thing they teach journalist at college is to say "I'm on 
deadline", and if they say it to an email admin, they have to append 
"and I'm expecting an important email".

Sorry to be so whiny, but I finally took the time to upgrade from an 
ancient version just last week, and I don't think they'd sit still for 
another bout of upgrades. AOL also was blocking our new IP ranges, so 
Halloween came early around here and it was a week from hell.

Thanks so much for any help.

Steve Campbell

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