Custom SpamAssassin rules from Network Associates, Inc

Alex Broens ms-list at
Wed Oct 1 12:25:33 IST 2008

On 10/1/2008 12:44 PM, erwin lomibao wrote:
> Hello List,
> While testing the custom update script I wrote for uvscan, I came across
> this folder in the public FTP of Network Associates:
> it contains a file:

> I took a peek and saw a file. Has anyone tried using these rules?

Hardly any will work as NAI's SA core is totally modified for their SDK.
Those files are for their SA 2.6x core which IIRC is not used much 
anymore except on oldish devices.

You wouldn't be able to handle any their .lu /streamed rules.
Their fast_body stuff will also trip over your SA.
They're fun to look at and learn, but not apt to be used as drop-in for SA.
tho the secrets are in their .lu files :-)

 > Is one legally allowed to use these?

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