Quarantine Messages SpamAssassin Custom Rule

Norman Laskie nwl002 at shsu.edu
Mon Nov 24 05:35:25 GMT 2008

Found it after a little more digging.

# This next setting is very powerful. It allows you to adjust the list  
# actions taken on a message by adding or removing any action or  
# depending on what SpamAssassin rules it matched.
# It can be used to replace the functionality of MCP, but without the  
# processing overhead that involves.
# The setting consists of a comma-separated list of
# SA_RULENAME=>action,action,...
# pairs, where 'SA_RULENAME' is the name of any SpamAssassin rule (or
# meta-rule), and 'action' is the name of any of the actions listed  
# the 'Spam Actions' configuration setting or the word "not-"  
preceding any
# of the action names.
# Preceding the action name with "not-" as in "not-deliver" or "not- 
# user at domain.com" will cause the action to be removed from the list of
# actions that would normally be taken on this message.
# You can specify a comma-separated list of actions if you need more  
than 1
# action per rule.
# Example: Setting this to
# SpamAssassin Rule Actions = FROM_BOSS_WIFE=>not-forward secretary at domain.com
# would result in mail from the boss's wife not being forwarded to the  
# secretary, which would be useful if the non-spam actions for the  
# included forwarding to the boss's secretary.
# You can also trigger actions on the spam score of the message. You can
# compare the spam score with a number and cause this to trigger an  
# For example, instead of a SA_RULENAME you can specify
# SpamScore>number or SpamScore>=number or SpamScore==number or
# SpamScore<number or SpamScore<=number
# where "number" is the threshold value you are comparing it against.
# So you could have a rule/action pair that looks like
#                  SpamScore>25=>delete
# This would cause all messages with a total spam score of more than  
25 to be
# deleted. You can use this to implement multiple levels of spam  
actions in
# addition to the normal spam actions and the high-scoring spam actions.
# Combining this with a ruleset makes it even more powerful, as  
# recipients and/or senders can have different sets of rules applied  
to them.
# This can also be the filename of a ruleset, in which case the filename
# must end in ".rule" or ".rules".
SpamAssassin Rule Actions =

On Nov 23, 2008, at 8:20 PM, Norman Laskie wrote:

> We have setup a custom SpamAssassin rule to hopefully block some of
> the incoming phishing attempts that we have been receiving in the past
> few months.  Is it possible to quarantine messages that hit this
> particular SpamAssassin rule?
> Thanks,
> Norman
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