Message rules don't work, but if message forwarded, it does???

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Nov 20 18:59:07 GMT 2008

<snip> (cause I was chastised again for not trimming)  ;-)
> Yes this server is natted behind a Cisco ASA. Port 25 is forwarded to the MailScanner machine. Out of curiosity, where are you headed with this question?
> I followed the headers and it looks correct. I can see the message travel to my MailScanner server and then on to the customers mail server. On the forwarded message, I see it go from the customers mail server directly to my MailScanner server and then on to my internal mail server. Is this what you mean by follow the chain?
> I actually have increased my Spamassassin timeout to 120 seconds. Is there some other type of timeout I should/could be watching for?
> I've attached the message queue files and named them accordingly. Let me know if this is not the format you requested.
> Thanks again for the assistance!
> Chris
The spamassassin trust path can get confused when the server is natted. Do you
have the trust path set up properly?

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