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Thu Nov 20 15:39:57 GMT 2008

traced at wrote:
> Hi,
> you could use the implemented XML-RPC function to do that.
> Every server has its own quarantine on hdd, and you have one database
> server where you can manage
> the others, and release messages etc. But this is rarely documented...
> Regards,
> Bastian

That is a solid setup, we have been using that method for over two years 
now. A single MailWatch server and XML-RPC quarantine access to each 
MailScanner installation works very very well.

MailWatch has been changed considerably in the newest release, and we 
did a major rewrite on the old version, so I would be of little help to 
you. I would go ask this question on the mailWatch list.


> On Thu, 20 Nov 2008 14:52:47 +0000, Paulo Roncon
> <paulo-m-roncon at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm thinking on building a farm of servers with mailscanner. My question
> is
>> related to the quarantine mantainance: Should i implement a shared
> médium
>> to store the files, or should every server in the farm have its on
>> quarantine directory?
>> This is important because i need to implement a way to inform the users
>> that there's quarantined email, and its location.
>> I'm thinking of mailscanner + sendmail + mailwatch
>> Can you please advise?
>> Paulo Sergio
>> Portugal Telecom

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