How to test RBL lookups in MailScanner?

Chris Barber cbarber at
Thu Nov 20 14:25:13 GMT 2008

2008/11/20 Chris Barber <cbarber at>:
> Hi All,
> This might be obvious and I apologize in advance, but how can I test
if MailScanner is testing messages for RBL (Spam List)? I tried running
MailScanner --debug --debug-sa and I don't see anything about it, unless
I'm missing something.
> I normally have my MTA do RBL lookups but there are a few other lists
I want to try out. I don't want to try a new list on the MTA since it
outright rejects messages that hit the lists. For testing purposes, I
want MailScanner to check these other RBL's and then quarantine the
message. My users can then release the message if it is a false
positive. Once satisfied with a list choice, I'll then move it to the
> Running MailScanner version 4.72.5
> I have enabled the Spam List option and I populated the
spam.lists.conf file with the new RBL I want to test.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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>I find the best way to do the RBL's in spamassassin, they way it adds
>to the score. You can you multiple RBLs in mailscanner and then say it
>must at least 2 before it's marked as spam, but I prefer the
>spammassassin way.
>Martin Hepworth
>Oxford, UK

Thank you Martin! I did not consider SA doing the lookups. I'll give
that a try.

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