how to block all email sent to outside email account?

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at
Sat Nov 15 07:33:17 GMT 2008

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Michael Huntley wrote:
> Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
>> Jorge Luis Costinha wrote:
>> >               i wish to prevent outgoing email to a specific outside
>> > world account.  I try to use the blacklist feature on MailScanner, but
>> > only works from incoming email  to be delivery on internal
>> accounts... i
>> > also try to catch outgoing emails with procmail, without success...
>> Pardon me but any MTA can do this for you.
>> Please consult your sendmail manual in regard to access tables and such.

> That is not what Jorge asked, I'm sure he is aware of what he can do at
> the MTA level.

I am pretty sure of one thing. That you did not read the OP thouroughly.
As you seemed to have missed:

"any ideia on how can i do this? perhaps on MTA level, how?"

Which translates roughly into "I have no idea where to begin."

So I my book that means tackle this on the MTA level when ever possible
and do not bother to hand them to MailScanner.


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